About Me

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“My goal as an artist is to teach people to feel the most hope for themselves and the world as they can.”

Livi Perrone is a director, writer, and theatre educator. Her first play entitled “Wondering About Olive” premiered in New York City when she was thirteen. She got her start as an actress, auditioning professionally from ages 12-17, before shifting gears and pursuing a writing career at NYU. She took playwriting, television, and screenwriting classes in the Dramatic Writing program.

Livi found her love for the dramatic arts at age 7 when she was cast in her first role as Marta in “The Sound of Music.” Since then she has made it her mission to create and develop entertainment that caters to young audiences. Throughout her life, Livi has worked with incredibly diverse groups of people who have inspired her to create art that provides representation to underrepresented groups.

Her most recent accomplishment is her award-winning musical entitled “Happily: The Musical” which is a story about finding your happiness in a fairy tale world where ‘happily ever after’ defines you. Livi created the story and wrote the book for the show which was featured at New York University, NYWinterfest, and the New York Musical Festival (NYMF). The piece is written for young audiences and it provides progressive, diverse storylines that are often left out of modern children’s media. She considers children’s programming to be one of the most valuable sources of entertainment in terms of educating young people towards a brighter future.

One of her proudest endeavors is the theater education program that she founded with her mother in their hometown of Cornwall, NY. Her company has recently expanded into the Riverside Theatre Arts Academy, with Livi as the Creative Director. She started the company by developing short plays and musicals for the students (aged 6-18) to perform in.