About “Happily: The Musical”



“Happily Ever High School is the #1 preparatory school for fairy tale youth. Students are sorted into storybook roles (prince, princess, knight, warlock, fairy godmother, etc.) with the expectation that they will become royalty when they graduate. According to their parents and teachers, finding ‘happily ever after’ means fighting dragons or waiting until someone rescues you from your tower. As graduation approaches, members of the senior class begin to realize that maybe the key to happiness isn’t found at the end of a storybook.”

Happily: The Musical strives to inspire young audiences to forge their own path in life. With an emphasis on LGBTQ+ representation, this musical is all about being true to yourself!


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Production History

Check out the list of productions below!


New York Musical Festival “NYMF” (August 2017)

Happily: The Musical was featured as a concert in the 2017 season of the New York Musical Festival. The performance took place at The Green Room 42 in August 2017. The concert was reviewed by Anie Delgado on Popdust (read here) and Rob Lester for Nite Life Exchange (read here).

NYMF Cast – August 2017: Emmet Smith, Ellis Gage, Brendan Jacob Smith, Avery Pedell, Cameisha Cotton, Matt Gumley, Devynn Pedell, Analise Scarpaci, Tiffany Stoker


Rising Stars Edition (July 2019)

Happily: The Musical was first performed by middle school and high school students in July 2019. This cast included 23 young actors from Riverside Theatre Arts Academy.

Rising Stars Edition Cast – July 2019: Emma Delbue, Kayla Pelsue, Ava Corsetti, Patrick Devlin, Peter Samuelson, Nick Tessin, Carson McLendon, Brielle Withers, Jacob Ciriello, Tiernan Limperopulos, Ryan McMahon, Abby Schewtschenko, Stephanie Correia, Sami Barao, Olivia Mende, Beah Coutant, Stella Reyes, Autumn Renna, Olivia Reiss, Daniella Piazza, Marissa Kearney, Evyn Lovell, Grace Musante, Eleanor Babbitt

NYWinterfest (February 2017)

Happily: The Musical won Best Score for its premiere performance at NYWinterfest. This was the first full production and festival premiere. The production was directed by Richie Grasso.

NYWinterfest Cast – February 2017: Noah Mutterperl, Matthew Cardenas, Ryan Bulger, Haley Jones, Eileen Cannon, Andreas Wyder, Caitlin Ort, Tricia Anne Whitlock, Amanda Andrews



Happily: The Musical was performed for a high school audience for the very first time at the esteemed private boarding school, Storm King School.

Storm King School Cast – April 2018: Ellis Gage, Noah Mutterperl, Daniel Youngelman, Ameliarose Allen, Rebecca Simpson Wallack, Andreas Wyder, Caitlin Ort, Grace Capeless, Tiffany Stoker



New York University (May 2017)

Happily: The Musical had two different productions produced at New York University. Both were produced by the student organization, Lamplighters NYU. This production was directed by Livi Perrone.

NYU Cast – May 2017: Noah Mutterperl, Jacob Regensburg, Jordan Dillard, Leah Ghermay, Jenna Beressi, Danielle Edmonds, Maj Hardikar, Brendan Marquardt, Lauren Grajewski, Sarina Freda, Caroline Payton Parker, Annie Dillon, Hannah Dorph, Danielle Monaco



First Developmental Workshop - NYU Lamplighters (December 2016)

Happily: The Musical was first performed as a part of the NYU Lamplighters Theatre for Young Audiences New Works Festival.

NYU Lamplighters Cast – December 2016: Anthony DaSilva, Damon Quattrocchi, Kelly Nicholson, Kayla Yee, Ziye Hu, Hannah Dorph, Danielle Monaco, Abbey Coogan


SUNY Fredonia (April 2019)

Happily: The Musical will receive its first licensed performance as a main stage for SUNY Fredonia’s student-run performing arts program.

SUNY Fredonia Cast — April 2019: Kevin O’Leary, Brandon Sarti, Lauren Layfield, Morgan Milone, Madison Fulton, Tyler Hecht, Avery Norris, Katelyn Crall, Mallory Jones, Nigel Reynolds, Jessica Staiano, Gemma Vodacek, Jong Sang Rheu



Rising Stars Edition - First Teen Production (July 2019)

In July 2019, Happily: The Musical will have its first full production featuring an all high school and middle school cast. This cast of 24 students will perform an adapted version of the show with brand new characters and original staging/choreography.

Rising Stars Cast – July 2019: Emma Delbue, Kayla Pelsue, Ava Corsetti, Patrick Devlin, Abby Schewtschenko, Stephanie Correia, Samantha Barao, Jacob Ciriello, Tiernan Limperopolus, Ryan McMahon, Carson McLendon, Nick Tessin, Brielle Withers, Peter Samuelson, Olivia Mende, Beah Coutant, Stella Reyes, Autumn Renna, Olivia Reiss, Daniella Piazza, Marissa Kearney, Evyn Lovell, Grace Musante, Eleanor Babbitt